1.5 One to One Coaching

Are you interested in 1:1 coaching?

Sophia Tucker Author and Mind Renewal Coach has been serving in ministry as a leader for 15 years.

Sophia specialises in coaching in Mind Renewal practices, food freedom, health, mental health, and enabling women to experience their identity and freedom in Christ.

If you are interested in taking on some coaching or for a free trial please book below.

Testimony of the Lord:

"Sophia & the Mind Renewal program have done more for me than my years of therapy ever have. I’m so grateful for this program and Sophia. It has not just literally saved my life, but changed my life for the better in so many ways. I truly believe Sophia is led by the Lord when she coaches - she’s absolutely amazing and her knowledge is way beyond her years; it is definitely God breathed. My sessions with Sophia are 100% worth every penny! " - Kara

"I love being coached by Sophia. I can confide in her and cry an ugly cry and not feel judged. Her spiritual wisdom and guidance have helped me tremendously. I really look forward to meeting with her each week. Sometimes I wish I could talk with her daily. She is an amazing woman of God. I am so grateful for her and her Tapestry of Beauty Ministry and to call her my Sister in Christ." - Kathy

"Coaching 1:1 is helping me apply Biblical truths in a practical way. I bring specific problems to my coaching session and I am guided based completely on what God's Word says specifically or in principle. I need individual attention and I am so grateful it was available." - Elaine

We also have a coach and Pastor for our brothers in Christ and young men. Please email [email protected] for availability.

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