What is A Mind Renewal Kit?

In my walk with Christ, I always wanted to have a sort of emergency kit when in a battle, a maintenance kit when things are going well and a protection kit when I sense I am walking into a battle of faith. But often did not know where to go and turn to.

Sometimes we just need guidance to direct us to do when faced with difficult situations or when we just want to praise God and grow in maturity.

This is what these kits are. They are a series of packages that will equip, inspire and usher you into His presence, renew your mind and see transformation in your life.

This mind renewal kit belongs to you with the option to do it at your own pace time and time again.

With the 21-day mind renewal plan, it is recommended to give yourself a consecrated time to complete it daily.

These pages will become a book of remembrance for you to return back to in your journey of transformation.

This Kit is to enable you in healing and harnessing your emotions in the Love Of God.


What's Included

140+ Page Kit Instructions on how to harness your emotions & engage with God more!

  • 21 Days Mind Renewal
  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Scripture Prayers & Affirmations on audio to take on the run & cards to keep handy
  • Emotions & Scripture Wheel
  • Prayer & Praise Prompts for healing
  • Crafted Prayers to encounter the love of God
  • 30 Days Delighting with Jesus
  • Colouring Pages
  • Scripture Cards


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Details Of Course

  Welcome to Your Emotions & The Love Of God Mind Renewal Kit
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days after you enroll
  PDF Mind Renewal Kit
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Final Section
Available in days
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