Welcome to our mid-summer devotional.


is a 5 Day study of Psalm 42

With the uncertainty brought on by a worldwide pandemic, headlines grip our hearts as we hear of the sad stories about victims. All of this is compounded by personal problems and issues. Our senses seem to be screaming for relief. How does a believer respond? This week we will explore the conflict between reality and faith. Do we trust our senses or do we rely on our faith in Christ?

Our prayer is for you to find hope and encouragement during these difficult days.

This devotional is free and you can download a PDF Study guide and journal to complete this study.

If you would prefer a physical book or kindle version this is available on Amazon.

The Tapestry of Beauty Team

Hi, I’m Susan!

I am one of the leaders at Tapestry Of Beauty Ministries. Join in with this 5 day study & devotional to guide you in walking in faith despite all that surrounds us.

God Bless You

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